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Wi-Fi/Airtime Cards

Front design of wi-fi airtime card


Details at a glance

Scratching off panel on wi-fi airtime cardInexpensive. Our wi-fi cards are designed to be used just once, or on a few occasions, and then discarded. Instead of being made from expensive and environmentally unsound plastic, our cards are constructed from a strong (400 grams per square metre) card with a full colour print on both sides. Rounded corners give a professional 'credit card' impression.

Easy to specify the data required. Simply supply us with an Excel or CSV (comma-separated values) spreadsheet. All internet café and wi-fi tracking software can produce these 'token codes', usually along with a visible code. The visible code is used to keep track of sold cards, while the token code is concealed under a high-security scratch-off strip.

Different value cards. Rather than pay for multiple prints, your Excel or CSV file can contain a column showing the value of the cards, whether monetary or a certain number of minutes' use.

Diagram showing areas where scratch-off strips and data can be appliedPositioning. You can position the token code and scratch-off strip anywhere in the blue areas shown here. The usual size of the scratch-off area is 40 x 8mm, although we can apply 75 x 10mm or 85 x 12mm at no extra charge if required.

The visible code can be positioned anywhere on the card, although it must be on the same side of the card as the token code.

Unique wi-fi or airtime access codes

We can generate codes for you if required, to any format and in any quantity. We will supply the codes to you as a CSV (comma-separated values) file which can be imported into almost any software application. We do not charge for generating codes which are to be used on our wi-fi/airtime cards.

VAT guidance

Wi-fi/airtime cards are standard rated for VAT.

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