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Combine Your Christmas Cards with a New Year Enticement

Sending Christmas cards to your customers is an excellent way of thanking them for their business during the previous year, and of showing that you're keeping them in mind.

With a little thought, your cards can become an effective way of enticing further sales in the new year, especially in January. Below are some of the methods we have used for customers' Christmas cards in previous years; see if any of them could be used on your Christmas cards this year.

Return for recycling

This is the simplest idea: suggest in the card or on the back that they return it to your shop or premises for recycling. Offer an incentive in return, such as a discount or money off in your sale. (It is always a good idea to specify a minimum spend if you do this).

Tear-off voucher

Our machines can perforate your cards rather than just creasing (scoring) them, so they can easily be torn in half after Christmas. By including a voucher of some kind you can also ask for contact information — their name and email address as a minimum — and build a database of customers for marketing purposes.


If you already have a stock of promotional literature, perhaps provided by a one of your suppliers, why not include one with the card? One word of warning: take care that the insert isn't so 'salesy' that it detracts from the message of your Christmas card.

Voucher sets

We can produce a series of twelve business-card-size leaflets, each with a special offer for a particular month, and collate these into small packets to include with every Christmas card you send. By monitoring how many vouchers are redeemed each month, you can tell how successful each promotion was — a very useful market research exercise as well as increasing sales and customer visits.

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